Small Form Factor

System design needs, challenges, and constraints can vary widely. Military, medical and industrial organizations are challenged with the need for ever-shrinking systems, all the while achieving higher levels of performance. Whether in medical equipment, avionics computers, ground-control stations, C4ISR, or integrated vehicle electronics (vetronics), it is crucial to choose the right platform in order to achieve optimal results.

Thats why we represent several manufacturers who can provide a wide range of SFF (small form factor) systems to reduce the size, weight, power and cooling for your applications.

These systems can be conduction or convection cooled, I/O intensive or require terabytes of data storage. They can utilize the latest power saving quad-core Atom CPUs or XEON-D CPUs for secure virtualization. Contact us and we will be happy to suggest solutions.

Inverter, Converters, Power Supplies and PDUs designed for a wide range of power solutions.

Compact Systems that can be utilized in many industrial environments. Fully customized to fit your application, these embedded Box PCs offer IP65, IP66, and IP67 options.

General Micro Systems' small form factor computer systems pack the highest performance with the lowest power consumption in the smallest package possible.  i7 & Xeon D based Multi-Domain units, multi-port switch units and removable storage for high speed recording applications.

Ruggedized PC104 and PC104+ system in an enclosed, modular casing. The system is appropriate for use in data acquisition and recording for any combination of ARINC-429, MIL-STD-1553, Serial, Discrete or similar types of communication.

Rugged multi output power supplies for sensors, SWaP - C systems and ATR Chassis.

The most reliable rugged electronic solutions in the world for the aerospace and defense industries, particularly in the area of rugged data storage systems.

Power over Ethernet Switch and Power Supply are designed and built to handle mission critical tactical operations. Take power from any global source and deliver it via ethernet to any communications, surveillance, sensor, or LED light scenario you have in hostile environments.

The Model TTGM-101 GPS/Time Code Synchronized PTP Grandmaster, SNTP Server and Time Code Generator is ideal for applications utilizing GPS or time code input to generate IEEE-1588 PTPv2, SNTP or various time codes.