Computer Systems

Southeast Technical can provide long life computers to help defeat obsolesce issues as well as extremely rugged computers built to operate in the harshest environment.  Along side the computers we can provide a long list of associated equipment such as uninterruptible power supplies, transit & shipping cases, displays, GPU computing elements, routers & managed switches and a wide range of turnkey systems built to your exacting requirements.

  • Rack Mount Equipment

Total Power Solutions and Rugged-UPS for military and industrial power conditioning, backup power supplies, and other mission-critical applications. Optional advanced N+1 paralleling allows for building blocks in a modular system, up to 10 kVA. Lithium-ion battery packs for lightweight solutions.

Long-life, PC-based embedded boards, motherboards and systems for embedded and industrial applications. Includes single board computers, peripheral devices, desktops, handheld devices, custom enclosures and rack-mounted systems designed, for an eight to ten year production life.

High performance, ruggedized cases and 19-inch racks used for transport, operation and storage of essential equipment for commercial and military applications. All cases can be customized with a wide selection of accessories, including shock isolation, climate control options, EMI/EMC shielding and internal fixtures and foam protection.

Single Board Computers, rack mount computers and system-level products as well as smart displays, switches, routers and Small Form Factor Computers. GMS systems pack the most performance for the lowest power consumption in the smallest package possible.

Products provide support for MIL-STD-1553, ARINC-429 and other military and commercial avionics specifications. A leader in providing the Aerospace Industry with high quality, cost effective data bus interfaces, data recorders, couplers, cables, connectors and flight qualified computers.

Panel PCs with integrated single board computers, Multi-Function Displays which feature programmable bezel buttons and Backplane Workstations designed around a plug-in backplane architecture.

The ORCA Technologies SD-218 switch and distribution unit is an intelligent switching, monitoring and distribution system, packaged in a 1U rack-mount chassis.

Standard electronics packaging components and piece parts (VME/VPX/cPCI/). These range from plastic guides to front panels, from subracks to enclosures and from backplanes to thermal control boards. They form a standard range of products that can be customized and assembled together to make an integrated system.